Natural green sandalwood beads multi-circle winding cross bracelet 15 end rose prayer beads Catholic relics, religious supplies


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  • Material: Wood

A section: 6MM sandalwood beads with 8MM sandalwood beads Length: 44 cm circumference: 84 cm Weight: 24 g Winding 4-5 laps.

B: 8MM sandalwood beads with 10MM sandalwood beads Length: 59 cm circumference: 104 cm Weight: 54 g Winding 5-6 laps.

The green sandalwood is compact, not easy to be deformed, the color is olive, the light will turn green, the texture is beautiful, the output is scarce, and the fragrance is fascinating. It is known as “Shengmu”. Green sandalwood grows very slowly, and its natural stock is extremely limited. It is rarer than ordinary redwood. Its poison is not invaded, it is immortal, and it can avoid ill treatment. Because of its noble characteristics, the green sandalwood jewellery is extremely popular in ancient times. The dignitaries, hand strings, sandalwood fans, etc. are all popular in the official and noble, which can make the body and mind calm and pleasant.

The green sandalwood is known for its fragrance, and the pleasant fragrance can play the role of centering, soothe the nerves, refreshing the mind, eliminating evil spirits and alleviating the night. The scent needs to be evaporated above 35 degrees Celsius, and the body usually has a body temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for hanging a string of beads or hanging on the wrist, or putting a green sandalwood carving on the desk. Brainstorming, long-term exposure to this material is good for the body.

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